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Do you have an idea for a small business start-up but aren't sure where to begin? Get help with our business planning services.


Get start-up training from our certified instructors today. Learn the fundamentals of running a business and reach your entrepreneurial goals with our help.

Receive start-up business training

Learn start-up business basics

Call us today for the motivation and instruction you need to achieve your dreams!


WEM Enterprises provides Strategic Advisory servieces, Financial Forecasting and Operational assistance.


Get assistance in obtaining the various business certifications and registrations needed to have an advantage in acquiring government contracts.

Find advanced business services

Explore our advanced business options

Get assistance in identifing, biding and administering public works and government contracts.


Learn the in's and out's of the new search databases like and others.

Assistance with Government Contracting

Understand your finances

Contact our experienced professionals for the skills and expertise you need to successfully operate a business. Benefit from our personal consulting services to learn how to meet the needs of the marketplace and use advanced technology to enhance your business.

A Business in Transistion:

AEM Enterprises LLC in now WEM Enterprises LLC as it executes it's Succession Plan passing the firm from Father to Daughter.

Whitney E. Morris has taken control of the firm and is now leading this EDWOSB certified business consulting firm into the future. We will be expanding the services to include assistance with identifing, negociating and administering government contracts. We will also enhance our sevices in assisting exsiting businesses.

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